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Amnon Shashua, Israeli Economy Minister Eli Cohen, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich and the co-founder and CTO of Mobileye, Ziv Aviram, attend a press conference at the Prime Minister's Office in Jerusalem.As the world moves toward an era of self-driving cars, Israel is positioning itself to be the Detroit of the future. The country has emerged as a global leader in the fast-growing field of driverless cars, as illustrated by Intel's $15 billion acquisition of Israeli firm Mobileye this week. (AP Photo/Olivier Fitoussi) ***ISRAEL OUT*** More JERUSALEM (AP) As the world moves toward an era of self-driving cars, Israel is positioning itself to be the Detroit of the future. The country has emerged as a global leader in the fast-growing field of driverless cars, as illustrated by Intel's more than $15 billion acquisition of Israeli firm Mobileye this week. Israel is now home to hundreds of startups that provide everything from sensors to cybersecurity to data collection for autonomous vehicles, putting it alongside Silicon Valley at the forefront of an industry that many expect to take off over the next decade. "In the last 12 months, the global interest is rising more and more," said Lior Zeno-Zamansky, executive director of EcoMotion, a nonprofit group that promotes the smart transportation sector in Israel. "Everyone is looking for the next Mobileye." She said the Israeli smart transportation sector has attracted some $4 billion in investment over the past four years, roughly half of it driven by two industry leaders, Mobileye and Waze. During that time, the number of Israeli startups in the sector has grown from 87 in 2013 to over 500. Virtually every major auto maker has established a foothold in Israel, and senior executives visit the country regularly.

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The document templates are simple to create and it's a perfect fit for the type of documents our back office automation system requires." As of December 2016, Docmosis rolled out a big update to its core document generation engine which is available in each of its products. The update adds improved syntax for mathematical and logical operations, string functions and number/date formatting. Several practical examples of these new features are presented in a recent blog post . To better serve its growing community of enterprise customers, Docmosis has also introduced transparent enterprise pricing plans. Higher volume customers can compare various pricing tiers and choose whichever best fits their needs. Subscription pricing for the Cloud service is on a pages-per-month basis. The company also offers project licensing with no limits on workstations or total documents. For interested parties who want to take the platform on a test drive, Docmosis is available as a free trial version. During 2017, Docmosis will be adding real-time monitoring of uptime statistics and redeveloping its Cloud Console. Forecasting how the business will perform during that same period, Hughes remarked that "all signs point to continued growth across every industry we serve.

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